• What is a registered user?

Registered users are able to access some news stories and occasional newsletter features. This is a free online service only. Once a user has registered for this they will have continual access to all free content as long as they are logged into the site.

  • Why can't I see all the articles?

Only subscribers can access all the articles on the website.  Trial users can see all articles published in the last 30 days.  Registered users can only see free, digest articles.

  • How do I log in?

Log in using the login function in the top right of your screen.  Enter your email address and wait for our system to send you a cookie via email.  When you log in press SUBMIT and not the return key to prevent the system sending multiple cookies.  Click on the link to activate the cookie.  If that does not work please adjust your security settings to MEDIUM security and so that it does not delete cookies.  If you have further problems contact

We advise that you do not log out and remain logged in on the computer you mainly use to access Creditflux.

If you are still having trouble logging in, click the links below for further advice.

Google Chrome Guide

Internet Explorer Guide

Firefox Guide

  • I have a new computer/web browser.  What should I do?

You need to obtain a new cookie.  If logged in try logging out and then log in again to trigger a new cookie.  Click on the link to activate it.

  • How do I access the membership area?

Subscribers and registered users to Creditflux can access their membership area at any time. This area gives users an overview of their account including subscription history and an area to update their details or renew a subscription. Any bookmarked articles will also be saved here. Users must be logged on to view their membership area.

Users can access this area anytime by clicking on 'Manage My Account' or on your name located in the top right of the website. If you do not see either of these you will need to log onto the website.

  • What cookies do you track?

We mainly have cookies that control the user access to Creditflux and our data.  We also track cookies to enable us to analyse our web usage and advertising pages via Google.  If you do not wish you have your cookie tracked we cannot provide you with access to our web site.

  • How does online access work?

Access to our website content is available to all named subscribers via a cookie system. When a user registers for a subscription or as a registered user a piece of code is placed on that computer. The code or cookie will continue to work on that computer until either the user wipes their cookies or the user logs out of the website.

If the user changes computer the cookie will need to be transferred to the new computer. This is easily done by accessing the website on the new computer, clicking 'log in' and following the steps. The access will then no longer work on the old computer. The same process applies if you use different internet browsers on one computer.

  • Can I access the website from mobile devices?

The website is designed so you can easily view the content on a cookie enabled mobile device. You will only be able to view the news and current newsletter on a mobile device.

  • Can I print from your website?

All free content can be printed directly from our site. Subscriber-only content is protected and cannot be copied or printed. This is to protect our copyright.

  • How do I comment on an article?

All subscribers and registered users can make comments on any news article or newsletter story on the website. Simply click the 'comment' button at the end of the story. The most commented stories can be easily accessed via the shortcuts link on the homepage.

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