allows advertisers to target credit traders and structurers specifically. With online advertising, print advertising, supplements and email advertising Creditflux offers a variety of formats to put across your message.

Media Pack 2019

CLO Yearbook

June 2017 saw the launch of the first Creditflux CLO Yearbook. The Yearbook contains key facts and trends in the market over the last year and a listing of market participants, as well as a look forward to the year ahead. See the 2018 Yearbook here. To advertise in the next yearbook contact or call+44 20 3741 1375.

Direct Lending Reports

The European Direct Lending Yearbook was released in May 2018. It has been followed by the new quarterly report called Direct Lending Perspectives, released in March 2018 and available online to Creditflux or Debtwire subscribers. To sponsor the report contact or call +44 20 3741 1375.

CLO Guide

The full guide is now available to registered users and subscribers at the following page: CLO Guide. Copies are also available for purchase. Click here for details.

Printed Newsletter

Creditflux's flagship newsletter is printed monthly. Complementing the online news service it focuses on deeper investigative reporting, commentary and analysis, including regular interviews and profiles. With full page adverts and a more analytical style the newsletter offers the perfect place to spell out the benefits of your product.


The Creditflux website has become known as the best source for reliable breaking news on the credit markets, with over 15,000 unique visitors each month. Advertisers can choose from a variety of locations, and the website supports both gif and flash animation so your artwork can really make a splash. Advertisers have the option of two advertising format: the rectangle or now the banner ad.


Creditflux can now also offer advertising on emails to subscribers or to our 16,000 registered users in the financial markets who have an up to date email address. This is a great tool for reaching out directly to your market.

Thought Leadership

Creditflux can offer a range of options for clients to showcase intelligent commentary and analysis ranging from content written entirely by the client with full approval through to independent research and analysis on a credit-related topic with the expression of a clear point of view.

We offer unique distribution to senior credit professionals across the industry and our excellent reputation makes a connection with Creditflux a valuable asset for any partner.

Next Steps

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Media pack

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